Where to Watch Bigg Boss 17 Online: Your Complete Guide (92 อ่าน)

28 พ.ย. 2566 07:59

Bigg Boss, the iconic reality show, has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with its drama, conflicts, and entertainment galore. With Bigg Boss 17 underway, fans are eager to catch every episode, and the convenience of streaming has become a primary choice for many. Here's your ultimate guide on where and how to watch Bigg Boss 17 online.

Streaming Platforms:

Several streaming platforms offer the convenience of watching Bigg Boss 17 online. While availability may vary based on region, some popular platforms to consider include:

Voot: The official streaming partner for Bigg Boss, Voot often provides next-day access to full episodes for free. They may also offer exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, and live streaming for premium subscribers.

Colors TV Website/App: The official broadcaster, Colors TV, typically uploads episodes on their website or app after they air on television. Access might be restricted to certain regions or require a subscription.

OTT Platforms: Some Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms like JioTV, Airtel Xstream, or SonyLIV might also offer streaming options, either live or with delayed access to episodes.

Subscription Plans:

Many platforms offer different subscription plans, including free and premium tiers. While free options might have limited access or ads, premium subscriptions often provide ad-free viewing and additional content. Compare the plans available on each platform to choose the one that suits your preferences and budget.

Live Streaming:

For fans who prefer watching events live, some platforms might offer live streaming options. Keep an eye on official announcements from the broadcasters or streaming platforms for any live streaming schedules related to Bigg Boss 17.

Tips for Watching Online:

Internet Speed: Ensure a stable internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Device Compatibility: Check if your preferred streaming platform is accessible on your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, etc.).

Subtitles: Some platforms might offer subtitles in different languages for a better viewing experience.

Legal Considerations:

While searching for ways to watch Bigg Boss 17 online, it's crucial to choose legal and authorized sources to support the creators and avoid any potential legal issues related to piracy.

Recap and Highlights:

In case you miss an episode, platforms often provide highlights, recaps, or short clips summarizing the important moments. These can be a quick way to catch up if you're short on time.


Bigg Boss 17 promises to be another season filled with drama, tasks, and unexpected twists. With multiple online streaming options available, fans have the flexibility to watch their favorite reality show whenever and wherever they prefer. Remember to choose legal streaming platforms, explore subscription options, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of Bigg Boss 17 online watch from the comfort of your screen!

Always stay updated with official announcements from the broadcasters and streaming platforms for the latest information on where and how to watch Bigg Boss 17 online.




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